The people behind HNoll are Rickard from Gothenburg and Theo from Borås. Rickard is known for his engagement with the Modeltrain fair in Gothenburg and Theo as the front figure and similar partner in ONE87, the modeltrain manufacturer of Swedish brass models. The thoughts behind this project are largely about commitment and what individual individuals can contribute to helping our hobby grow and survive in Sweden. We will be responsive and listen to what the market demands and produce what we believe in, provided it is economically justifiable. Our 1st project will be 80's of SJ cars. Our plan is to make all models in the series but can not promise it will be. In order for this to be economically justifiable, the price of the wagons will be higher than can be seen as customary for a coach. The carts are complicated in that they have many details that separate them. One cart is not the other one. Roof, underframe, pane, basket and interior to name a part. The carts are designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and it has been a time-consuming job to give the carts the correct appearance. We hope for a warm welcome and when the coaches are made according to demand, we would strongly recommend contacting your Dealer and pre-order your copy.

Rickard & Theo